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Matsukura Clinic

since 1997

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About us

Matsukura Clinic is a beauty clinic that introduced retinoic acid and Botox for the first time in Japan and established a new anti-aging method.

We will propose treatments and treatments that "get results" according to the patient's lifestyle and budget.

About Section

Matsukura Clinic
History and transition of opening

Based on the belief that "beauty and health are equal," Dr. Matsukura has advocated and practiced integrated beauty and anti-aging medicine that examines the entire body, not only in terms of organizational integration, but also in terms of treatment.

松倉クリニック表参道 エントランス

History of Matsukura Clinic Group

Before aesthetic medicine became as popular as it is today,
Until then, we introduced new methods one after another in this field, which was completely devoted to surgery.
We have opened up a new era of aesthetic medicine.

Beauty Clinics,
Cosmetics Companies,
Supplement Companies

​The entire Matsukura Clinic Group,

We support your beauty and health.

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