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Medical Nutrition Therapy

Dr Matsukura's next focus after 'Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy (NHRT or Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT))’ was on nutrients.


The types and quantities of nutrients required vary from person to person, but only when they are sufficient can the cells be protected and function properly.


Matsukura Medical Nutrition Therapy is based on the Orthomolecular medicine, and is a treatment that solves illness and problems in the body caused by excess or deficiency of nutrients.


Even a single blemish should be considered not only a superficial problem, but also a cellular damage, which is not something that happens only in one part of the body. Also, if the foundation of the body is poor, stimulating it with a laser or other means will not bring out 100% of the effect. Each part of the body is closely related to each other, and the intake of the right amount of nutrients is essential for them to function properly. The first step is to build a healthy foundation for the body. Both internal and external approaches to the body are the best way to ensure youthfulness and beauty.

If you take in the right amount of the nutrients your body needs, your problems will improve and you will be able to live a more active life.

Nutrient requirements and amounts vary from person to person. Individuals are born with certain habits, such as being a 'good singer' or a 'poor exerciser', or being unable to absorb or metabolise certain nutrients well. Knowing one's strengths and weaknesses, and the current state of excess and deficiency of nutrients, makes it possible to take in the right amount of nutrients needed by the individual without waste.

This is examined in detail in the Matsukura Medical Nutrition Therapy test. The number of test items is 72, which is an overwhelming number compared to similar tests. Furthermore, different from the standard values of general health check-ups, "target values" are set in order to solve diseases and disorders and prevent them from occurring in the first place. The values for each item are not simply compared with the target values, but are also analysed in relation to the other items in order to unravel them. The examination consists of blood sampling, urine sampling, temperature, pulse/blood pressure measurement and completion of a medical questionnaire.

Since the Matsukura Medical Nutrition Therapy is based on the the Orthomolecular medicine, it can be received at other medical institutions, but since its introduction, we have collected, analysed and studied patient data, and as a result, our Medical Nutrition Therapy has evolved to the point where it can be described as our own Original. 

Knowing your condition correctly can be useful for a variety of purposes, including disease, disorder, anti-ageing, skin care, hair growth, fertility treatment and weight loss. The basis for everything is to protect your cells and keep them functioning properly. Whatever your aim, it is important to start by knowing yourself first.

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