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The theme of Dr. Matsukura's doctoral dissertation while studying at Kitasato University School of Medicine was wound healing.

While researching, I came across Dr. Obagi's chemical peel and Obagi NuDerm system (treatment using retinoic acid).

These treatments were groundbreaking and had great effects, so I really wanted to introduce them in Japan, but they weren't accepted by the university at the time. I decided to I was not originally interested in aesthetic medicine, but for this reason, I unexpectedly decided to open a clinic for aesthetic medicine.

At the beginning of the business, our primary goal was to take on the challenge of “hair removal, slimming, and facial beauty,” which until then had been dominated by esthetics.

At that time, aesthetic medicine was equal to cosmetic surgery, and it was medical care for a very small number of people.

However, treatments such as chemical peeling, topical retinoic acid treatment, photofacial, Botox, and hyaluronic acid introduced by Dr. Matsukura, which can produce satisfactory results without using a scalpel, have expanded the options for patients. Aesthetic medicine has become more accessible than ever before.

However, at the beginning of the business, retinoic acid was not approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare (now the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare).

I had to overcome many difficulties, such as visiting the Ministry of Health and Welfare every day.

In addition, although the new treatment has become popular now, it was not accepted from the beginning, and it was criticized from various quarters, and the road to becoming established as a treatment was by no means smooth.

​On the other hand, from an early stage, Dr. Matsukura was searching for an integrated approach to beauty and anti-aging.

Originally, as a doctor of Western medicine, there was a rare recognition that ``Western medicine is excellent as a coping therapy to cure illness and wounds, but it is inferior in terms of maintaining homeostasis,'' and has a deep understanding of alternative therapies. I was interested.

At the same time, at the beginning of the opening of the business, there was a desire to create an integrated beauty facility, such as visiting a comprehensive beauty facility in the United States. connected to the formation of

Based on the belief that "beauty and health are equal," Dr. Matsukura has advocated and practiced integrated beauty and anti-aging medicine that examines the entire body, not only in terms of organizational integration, but also in terms of treatment.

Shortly after opening our clinic, we introduced “Comprehensive Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy” and then “Molecularly Integrated Nutrition”, expanding treatment from the inside as well as from the outside.


Since our opening, we have always collected information from all over the world in search of treatments that are not only new, but also more effective and suitable for Japanese people.

He continues his research, and his attitude is supported by many people.

The treatment and cosmetics provided by the Matsukura Clinic Group are always attracting attention from the media, and the number of publications in media such as magazines well exceeds 4000 for the entire group. (Accumulated from opening)



July 1997 - Matsukura Clinic established.

April 2000 - Neomedic Co., Ltd. established.
Import and sale of cosmetics at the time of establishment, and now also manufactures cosmetics.

October 2001 - Matsukura Medical Co., Ltd.
Reorganisation of Matsukura Clinic to a medical corporation.

August 2002 - Style M Co., Ltd. established.
Management of the esthetic salon Matsukura Annex Style M

May 2004 - Matsukura Annex Style M is renamed as Style M

June 2004 - M.R.I. Ltd. established. 
Information gathering, pharmaceutical import agency, cosmetics import and sales.


March 2005 - Tomoyuki Matsukura becomes representative director of the TBC Group
World's largest esthetic salon management, beauty equipment and cosmetics manufacturing and sales company.

June 2008 - Style M converted to a clinic and opened as Medical Corporation Shoutoku-kai Clinic Style M.

Apr 2009 - Mavericks Co., Ltd. established.
Manufacture and sale of supplements

Nov 2009 - M2 Cosmetics Co., Ltd. established.
Manufacture and sale of cosmetics

March 2011 - Tomoyuki Matsukura retires as representative director of the TBC Group

January 2012 - MATSUKURA HEBE DAIKANYAMA (currently known as Matsukura Clinic Daikanyama) opened

April 2012 - Suma Heart Clinic opened in MATSUKURA HEBE DAIKANYAMA
   Director Hisayoshi Suma 
   An authority in cardiac surgery, known for having performed the first successful Batista operation in Japan.
   Master mentor of Dr Atsushi Amano, who performed the operation on the Emperor of Japan.

November 2012 - TAKAKO STYLE Co., Ltd. established.
Manufacture and sale of cosmetics and supplements.

April 2015 - Aché by style m, an esthetic salon, opened in Ginza, Tokyo.

November 2016 - Suma Heart Clinic in MATSUKURA HEBE DAIKANYAMA closed.

March 2017 - Aché by style m closed.

April 2019 - Opening of Otake Labo, a clinic specialising in cosmetic surgery in MATSUKURA CLINIC DAIKANYAMA.
   Director Naoyuki Otake
   Leading plastic and cosmetic surgeon who served as the first head of plastic surgery at St. Luke's International Hospital for 15 years.

November 2019 - Clinic Style M closed.



VoCE September 2013 issue "Best Clinic & Salon" 1st place.
Matsukura Clinic won the award the following year and was inducted into the Hall of Fame.
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