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Hair Regrowth Therapy

The Matsukura Clinic's hair growth therapy has gained lots of recognition for the visible results it provides.


The main cause of thinning hair in men is an increase in an enzyme called 5α-reductase, which converts testosterone (male hormone) into dihydrotestosterone, which causes thinning hair. becomes the cornerstone of treatment.

On the other hand, in women, low hormone secretion, nutritional deficiencies, stress, etc. are often the causes, so treatment is performed to improve these.

In this way, treatment is different for men and women, but each treatment method is determined in consideration of the individual condition and patient's wishes.

Although there are many clinics specialising in hair growth, the strength of our hair growth treatment covers hormones and nutrition within the treatment methods, and we are also able to use our comprehensive strengths to deal with the side effects that tend to occur with hair growth treatment.

< For men >

Basically, the following three products are prescribed

  • Oral minoxidil 2 times a day, morning and night

  • Oral finasteride 1 time/day

  • Astonish Nano Scalp Mist Once a night/day

If possible, growth hormone should be added to these three.

If you want to further enhance the effect, we recommend a 'Matsukura Medical Nutritional Therapy' test to ensure that the correct amount of zinc, iron and vitamin B5 is taken.


< Women >

Women are more likely to recover if steps are taken before the hair follicle atrophies, and nutritional and hormonal supplementation is often effective, so the treatment is determined first by assessing the current condition.

Basically, the following are performed

  • Matsukura Medical Nutritional Therapy Test

  • Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy test (if necessary)


*Patients' wishes will also be taken into consideration, but oral medication may also be prescribed for women.


A variety of other options are also available for both men and women.

  • Hair growth injections (minoxidil or growth factors)

  • Denkibari brush (brush-type device with low frequency and LEDs. It vibrates the erector pili muscle 1,000 times per second and is recognised as highly effective for hair growth)

  • Pantlex, a supplement for hair growth

  • Hair growth agent 'KIP' (contains five growth factors that are effective for hair growth and hair regrowth)

  • Hair growth agent 'Rogaine' (contains minoxidil, which works to improve blood flow)



Even if more hair grows or increases, patients will not be satisfied if there are new side effects such as thicker body hair or (in the case of men) sexual function problems.

Therefore, taking advantage of our comprehensive capabilities, we also deal with side effects in the following ways

  • Medical hair removal

  • (For male sexual dysfunction) Prescription of male hormones

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