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Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy 

Soon after opening his practice, Director Dr Matsukura began to actively work on anti-ageing from the inside out, rather than just from the outside.

One of the first such approaches, and the first to be introduced into treatment, was 'Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy (NHRT or Bioidentical hormone therapy (BHRT))'.

By replenishing the various hormones, the secretion of which declines with age, in the correct amounts and in balance, it is now possible to maintain youth not only externally, but also physically, mentally and functionally.


Our Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy has several features.


The first is that it uses natural hormones instead of synthetic hormones.Conventional treatment methods prescribe only one or two synthetic hormones. The natural hormone preparations we prescribe work more effectively because they have the same structure as the hormones produced by the human body, so there is less risk of side effects, and they can be prescribed in the right dosage for each patient. (Having the same structure as the hormones in the body means that they undergo natural metabolism in the body and therefore do not stay in the body unnecessarily long. It also significantly reduces the risk of breast and uterine cancer, which is said to be a symptom of oestrogen stimulation).


The next unique feature of this treatment is that it is prescribed optimally from a choice of eight different hormones. We prescribe small doses of all hormones that have declined with age and balance them so that each hormone works in co-ordination.


Another feature is that the hormonal status of each patient is effectively and safely managed by doctors who have received specialised training in the USA and who carry out regular tests on each patient.



The hormones tested and prescribed at the Matsukura Clinic are;

  • Growth hormone

  • Thyroid hormones

  • DHEA

  • Testosterone

  • Estrogen

  • Progesterone

  • Pregnenolone

  • Melatonin

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